Bunny Chair

Item Size : W540 D570 H850

It is widely believed that James Bond 007 Movies are successful films. The emotional entanglement between James Bond and Bond girls adds color to the film. When Vincenzo and Alex watch the film, they are not only amazed and touched by the film, but also attracted by the fantastic furniture design in it, especially the lounge chair sit by James Bond. Therefore, they got the idea for the Bunny Chair in 2014. They feel that the simpleness and warmth of the Bunny Chair is related to the courage and support for James Bond that are brought along by Bond girls.

In order to meet the quality standard and ensure that people sit in comfort, we apply the cold inject foaming technique to the car seats. It makes its shape look rather durable. About the supporting part and the seat surface, we use different molds to improve comfort and durability. We believe that the Bunny Chair not only expresses a furnishing concept but also shows our serious towards life. It combines the modern sense and multifunctional usage. And it can meet almost all the needs of family and interior design.

The Bunny Lounge Chair breaks the limitation of the space. It is an ideal choice for public areas such as lobbies, libraries, banks, museums and so on. It can also be an embellishment put beside the sofa. This is a produce that makes you enjoy the beauty of ‘slow life’.