Mood Screen

Item Size : Φ600 H25 /Φ900 H25

Kevin He was born in watery region, Hangzhou city. He grew up listening to the legendary story of the White Lady. When he was visiting the Broken Bridge of West Lake, he heard the melody of the familiar theme song and recalled the scene in which Xu Xian lent an umbrella to the white lady in the rain. He couldn't help amazed at this moving story. In such an intoxicating situation, the creativity of the paper umbrella screen jumps onto the paper.

There are three different colors and two sizes. When different colors and sizes appear at the same time, they are like oil-paper umbrellas of different colors shining on the blue stone road, composing a beautiful natural movement together with the surrounding bridges, gray tiles and white walls.

The sound-absorbing felt used in screen is made of PET material. It is heat-insulated, flame-retardant, tasteless and harmless, and 100% recyclable. Besides aesthetic considerations, the wavy sector design also increases the intensity and sound-absorbing area of the sector. The arc surface can absorb sound waves from different directions to achieve better sound-absorbing effect.

The paper umbrella screen is divided into wall hanging and stand. Applicable to living room, reception area, lobby, restaurant and other areas. Simple installation, only a few screw holes can help to present a beautiful combination effect.


纸伞屏风Mood Screen-23.png