Two Halves Mirror

Item Size : W750 D175 H350

Connecting the semicircle of two vertical planes in the three-dimensional world, Two Halves Mirror is an exploration of spatial dimension by the designer Mario Tsai. It looks like a simple set of plane geometry from the front, but the twodimensional lines extend as a three-dimensional form when they are associated with a mirror.When there is a beam of light ,the interlacing of the grid makes The side semicircle can be used to hang some handy objects such as umbrellas and towels. The grid part can be used as a shelf when users make them up in front of the mirror. This product,which integrates many functions, has found a perfect balance between art and practicality.

双半圆镜Two Halves Mirror 影棚场景_02.jpg

双半圆镜Two Halves Mirror 影棚场景_07.jpg