Doric Side Table

Item Size : W320 D220 H506 / W490 D430 H366

Chen Wei, co-founder of the But Design Studio, studies world architecture often and draws inspiration from it. When visiting the Parthenon Temple in the center of the acropolis, he was shocked by the well-bedded and scattered visual effects of classical Doric columns. Doric side table was then designed.

Chen Wei makes simple and abstract polyhedral prisms by the steel plate bending technology. Doric presents different shapes from different angles. And the semi-enclosed multiple facade guides the direction of the light in the space;

There are two sizes in a set:the tall size and the short size. When they are put together,you feel that they strewn at random.The surface treatment of the fine sand stripe simulates the texture of Greek marbles. The gray-white color makes it more gentle and moist, and it also conforms to the image of Greek stones. The dark brown color makes people recall the passing years.

Doric side tables can be used in a complete set or be used together with sofas. It is suitable for homes, leisure reception areas, offices and so on.