Lotus Pouf

Lotus series are inspired by the lotus leaves of the West Lake. Wendy has studied in China Academy of Art which is standing by the West Lake. She has special preference to the West Lake, so she pinned the memory of her college on the Lotus Series.

There are three types products in the Lotus Series: Lotus pouf, Lotus side table, Lotus coffee table. Their modelling was taken from the lotus leaves. Composing them in different shapes, sizes and heights, you can get different effects. The lovely sculpt and bright color always attract people’s attention.

The lotus coffee table can be used in single or in combination to match the different space, like reception room, public area, coffee shop, etc.. The lotus pouf is suitable for any space, no matter public area or private environment. The lotus side table can be put in civilian space, like dining room, cafe, to match sofa or lounge chair. Also it can be used in the public space.

Lotus pouf 01.jpg