Face Stool

Item Size : φ310 H380

Alex is an outgoing designer who likes to communicate with others. Once in a college reunion, he found that his close friends were all absorbed in mobile phones even if they sat together for a meal. With the popularity of electronic products, the communication between families and friends decreases. They are immersed in their own world. He dislikes this kind of phenomenon, he hopes that everybody can share their emotions. Therefore,he designed the face stool.

Alex integrates the facial modeling into the design, which not only gives the furniture a new life, but also tells us that we should cherish the time with friends. We need to return to nature.

This product can be put beside sofas and leisure chairs. It increase the entertainment of the environment. It can be used as a stool as well as an side table. Its functions are various. Besides, it is also suitable for office, home, cafe, hotel and so on. It is elegant and generous.