Bend Chair

Item Size : W480 D520 H790

The design of the bend chair is ingenious. Previously, designers often draw their product design on the paper. However, because of the difficulty of designing the product model, designers often modify the design drawing. They may crumple up the paper and throw it up or they may fold it and make some small crafts. During this kind of process, the inspiration of the bend chair arises spontaneously. In 2014, Vincenzo and Alex designed the bend chair.

Therefore, the bend chair is an artwork, it makes the conception of origami come true. Besides, the bend chair also shows the exquisite craftsmanship. Its precious cutting techniques make it shining like a diamond. Moreover, the environmentally friendly electrostatic powder coating applied in a variety of bright colors makes the public merry and lively.

It is a stylish and wise choice for public areas. Of course, it also suits offices, entertainment venues, restaurants, cafes and modern homes.

bend chair.jpg

折纸椅Bend Chair-02.jpg