Dash Chair

Item Size : W540 D480 H780

Dash Chair, as the name suggests, gives people a strong sense of lines. When you put it under the sun, you will see the sunshine shines through the back of the chair. At that moment, you’ll be full of courage because of the spirit of surviving in the cracks. Besides, Stefano Campioni, who designed the Dash Chair in 2014, thinks that the word “dash” looks like “ash”. He believes a real phoenix must have raised from ash, so as a real man/woman. By this faith, the Dash Chair conveys wish and hope to this tough world.

The hollow out structure not only makes the back of Dash Chair a hollow effect in order to make the chair more beautiful, but also strengthens the chair’s toughness so as to make it more durable and comfortable.

There are four types of Dash Chair being chosen: with or without armrests, swivel and bar stool. Its various styles make it available for many places, such as offices, meeting rooms, houses and so on.