Stilo Chair

Item Size:W555 D530 H800

The creation of the Stilo Chair is high-end and full of science fiction. It is closely related to the human engineering. Stefano, Vincenzo and Alex want to design a chair to offer a reasonable coordination between human body structure, psychology, mechanics and indoor environment. Therefore, they designed the Stilo Chair in order to achieve the best use of efficiency, safety, health and comfort.

The lines of Stilo Chair are very smooth and eye-catching. It is simple but charming. Moreover, the lines of surface and backrest strictly follow the instructions of the ergonomics data processing. Whatever the environment is, the Stilo Chair provides you with an elegant and comfortable feeling.

Because its preferable practicability and adaptability, the Stilo Chair is well suited to many public spaces, including schools, libraries, offices, waiting rooms, restaurants, hotels and so on.