Hangzhou  Guomei  Architectural  Design  &  Research Institute









Graphic silhouette with the whole world and green color define with the Earth. It’s like a world family party, Exuding a playful and colorful story, Ottomap does

not compromise comfort or elegance and provides a casual touch to every public environment. When split, it provides individual resting places, when grouped

it gathers people together for a grouped experience. Because of its visual story it attracts attention even on the subconscious level. It creates a pleasant

atmosphere and is most suited for large spaces such as meeting rooms, conference halls, chill-out zones for relaxation and also educational spaces.





Created for relaxed, friendly moments, the Lotus Side Table is easy to plane in any type of environment. Used on its own or in couple, the form of

the table is inspired by the iconic shape of the lotus plant. The ‘carpel’ of the lotus flower extends up and creates a handle making the table easy to

moveand invites the user to “Pick me up”. A unique structure allows control of the height and the scratchresistant table surface uses eco-friendly

technology to make Lotus more durable and more sensitive toits inspirational roots in nature.



Bunny Lounge


We focus on the brand of sustainable development, bunny lounge break down the limitation of space. Soft, sensual and all-embracing, the Bunny lounge

chair offers special comfort and an extensive choice of fabrics and colors to suit a wide range of office areas, and the contract furnishing and community area sector.

The Bunny Lounge has been created thanks to bunny chair research. The seat, visibly lightness with an ergonomic feeling. Take a deep breath. Bunny lounge

will reminds you to slow down and enjoy life more.