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Beauty lies in the perception of the whole. With Mart we introduce our vision of a sofa as a classical design last longer than just fashion.Mart is a collection

  of comfortable one or two seat sofas that can complement both private and public spaces.It is conceived in terms of individual and collective wellness. The sofa is

 characterized by minimal and contemporary lines that combine tocreate an all-enveloping experience for the user. Its comfort is associated with its visual lightness,

 and tightness upholstered with high qualityfabric and leather. The base, designed as one sweep, is supported by tubular legs that transform the sofa into something

 ethereal,almost floating in space.






Elegant with soft seating, the Bunny chair is created for multi-usage environments. Smooth lines and a soft shape make it appealing, cosy and extremely comfortable. 

 In quiet hues, Bunny is relaxed and understated, but with vibrant colors it will turn the Bunny into liveliness that still does not detract from its sturdy and space saving design.

The variety of styles makes this chair practical and easy to fit in to your existing furniture and mix with your personal style. All legs variations are removable and easy

assembly allows for space saving packing and transportation. 




Bunny Lounge



We focus on the brand of sustainable development, bunny lounge break down the limitation of space. Soft, sensual and all-embracing, the Bunny lounge chair

offers special comfort and an extensive choice of fabrics and colors to suit a wide range of office areas, and the contract furnishing and community area sector.

 The Bunny Lounge has been created thanks to bunny chair research. The seat, visibly lightness with an ergonomic feeling. Take a deep breath. Bunny lounge

 will reminds you to slow down and enjoy life more.






Created for relaxed, friendly moments, the Lotus Side Table is easy to plane in any type of environment. Used on its own or in couple, the form of the table

is inspired by the iconic shape of the lotus plant. The ‘carpel’ of the lotus flower extends up and creates a handle making the table easy to moveand invites the

user to “Pick me up”. A unique structure allows control of the height and the scratchresistant table surface uses eco-friendly technology to make Lotus more

durable and more sensitive toits inspirational roots in nature.







Through a variations and manipulations process we created the unique chair. This uniqueness creates a look of folded origami. After long-term exploration

and unremitting efforts, Bend chair was born with a striking look that shows up a technical complexity and functional breadth. Bend chair is a versatile

piece that comes in a variety of bright colors bringing an industrial look to every environment.  It is a stylish choice for public areas such as offices,

entertainment venues, restaurants, cafes and also fits well in modern homes.


Face  stool



When we created Face, we want to breathe life into the product with a strongly symbolic personality. Face interfaces with any type of sofa or easy chair,

adding playfulness, functionality and shape variation to spaces. Very clean and simple, this kind of stool can also be used as occasional table, plant

stand or as an accent piece for homes, offices, cafes and lobbies.  Always ready to reinvent itself, Face will follow your needs day by day either solitarily

or grouped together.Very clean and simple, this kind of stool can also be used as occasional table, plant stand or as an accent piece for homes, offices,

cafes and lobbies. Always ready to reinvent itself, Face will follow your needs day by day either solitarily or grouped together. 








The Stilo is a genuine, finely chair representation of the finest craft and manufacturing skills.Available with or without armrests, Stilo’s lines are eye-catching and

its simplicity captivating.The dynamic and curved armrest suggests lightness brings aesthetic balance around every table.More than essential, the Stilo chair is

elegant and light in any space.The lines of surface and backrest follow the man-machine engineering data strictly,We are committed to provide people with a

comfortable and reassuring feeling.It is well-suited to many public spaces such as library, school or office, waiting room, restaurant and hotel etc.  





Ray is a sleek, versatile table, amenable to almost every situation, with clean lines and anexceptionally sturdy base. Together they

furnish in a distinctive and functional manner, both home environment and contract settings. The main purpose of the Ray

collection is based on one singleconcept of legs with four-way in white lacquered or polish aluminum , and available in

three heightswith round and square and rectangular MDF white tops.







Graphic silhouette with the whole world and green color define with the Earth. It’s like a world family party, Exuding a playful and colorful story, 

Ottomap does not compromise comfort or elegance and provides a casual touch to every public environment. When split, it provides individual

 resting places, when grouped it gathers people together for a grouped experience. Because of its visual story it attracts attention even on the

subconscious level. It creates a pleasant atmosphere and is most suited for large spaces such as meeting rooms, conference halls, chill-out

zone for relaxation and also educational spaces.  





It’s a little house with a pointy roof. Gray use comfortable minimalism and exaggerated linein perfect geometric element totally

broke the traditional way.We pursued ardently all the major and minor pleasures of life. So Archi-plates are Created, adaptable

workspaces and meeting rooms.







The Flux table comes in a version created specifically for office or home use, which is shock resistant and weatherproof. Flux is a sleek table prop by solid

natural wood legs with aluminum coupling for a warm simple feel can be combined with a range of tops available in different sizes and shapes to create

a style, versatile look, for both home or contract use.Table tops are available in different versions: oval, round, square.Top material:MDF in white lacquered,

base material:beech covered white oak veneer.