"Origami Magic" real presentation - Lemmon Chuangzhi Valley



"Origami Magic" concept throughout, designer shows a concept of technology with the combination of the original space at the same

time. Combining a high degree of  hardware, interior decoration and construction makes the idea of "origami" a perfect presentation.

 The concept ofInteriordecoration design and hardware design highly fit, the entrancewiththeinducting robot, with a circuitboard pattern

 of technology carpet, transparent display screen, The combination of jigsaw puzzle pieces of furniture, thesecustomizedelements

 conveyedasense of innovativethinking of science and technology.                                                                                       

















Through a variations and manipulations process we created the unique chair. This uniqueness creates a look of folded origami. After long-term exploration

and unremitting efforts, Bend chair was born with a striking look that shows up a technical complexity and functional breadth. Bend chair is a versatile

piece that comes in a variety of bright colors bringing an industrial look to every environment.  It is a stylish choice for public areas such as offices,

entertainment venues, restaurants, cafes and also fits well in modern homes.