Design inspiration


Created for relaxed, friendly moments, the Lotus Side Table is easy to plane in any type of environment. Used on 

its own or in couple, the form of the table is inspired by the iconic shape of the lotus plant.


Functionality :  Adjust  heightHuman hand


The ‘carpel’ of the lotus flower extends up and creates a handle making the table easy to move

and invites the user to “Pick me up”. A unique structure allows control of the height and the scratch

resistant table surface uses eco-friendly technology to make Lotus more durable and more sensitive to

its inspirational roots in nature.


Electrostatic powder spraying


More innovative production technology

With excellent durability and corrosion resistance, powder coatings arethe best choice for outdoor metal furniture.

They can also be used in office furniture that powder coatings has outstanding advantages in surface coating.

With the continuous innovation of coating technology, the application of powder coatings is being extended to the field of

heat sensitive and thermo sensitive materials such as wood, glass, and plastic and semi-insulating materials.

It has become an inevitable trend to replace solvent-based coatings with powder coatings that are more environmental friendly.

Powder coatings-C Series have good sealing ability to wood-based panel and they can seal the formaldehyde volatile of

wood-based panel. After powder coating, emission of formaldehyde and VOC can nearly reach zero.

Powder coatings-C Series are colorful and can be made to various surface effect such as smooth, sand grain, metallic,

pearlescent, mixed color, and art texture and functions such as corrosion resisting and anti-bacteria.


Spatial relations


All parts are in MDF with electrostatic powder coating in four colors: grey, yellow, green and red.

Its durable with scratch-proof by ecological/friendly technology.These tables with minimalist and dynamic

appeal,recalling the tops with the lotus flowers in bud.As well as a wide range of tables in different colors,the collection

includes a matching pouf.Its elegant suitable for use in either indoors or outdoors.


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