Design inspiration


A product with high-quality technology and craftsmanship. Young, innovative and versatile: the Dada table not only

express a furnishing concept but also a lifestyle. These tables with minimalist appeal in a new attractive design, adapts

to diverse applications and environments. It is sturdy, comes in practical materials, highly resistant material that is easy to clean.

The load-bearing frame is available in polished or lacquer in white. The top is available in marble, glass, lacquered wood and veneer. 

With their sharp and dynamic lines, Dada table add distinct a ppeal to surrounding interiors and catch the eye. The structure is

extremely slim and light but also highly resistant. 




Dada table: a single, spare plane floats above four slender legs. The result is aesthetically pure but flexible. A universal

system based on the simple principle of four corner legs, four rails and a top, dada adapts to diverse applications and environments.

Table tops are available in square or rectangular formats in either colored laminate or wood veneer. The structure is available in 

polished or painted aluminum.




Dada,perfect combined the elements of the high heels,shows a beauty of streamlined of the details Dada designed for a variety

of areas such as conference room,dinning room,administrative area,also suited for home.Brings the aesthetic feeling of quiet

with its beauty lines and sturdy construction.


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