Design inspiration


 Obviously, it seems mushroom, and it is a mushroom, we call these adorable series Fungo.
We now put Fungo stool, Fungo pouf, and Fungo side table on the list, the large ones of pouf and side table, we give them a storage to put things inside. We give them best proportion for every single type.


Design description


We use foams and fabrics to make the seats mellow and full. We choose dark gray, light gray, and bright yellow, these three color which could fit in the environment well. The bottom of pouf and side table we use the PU leather, and they set off the chair so much.


Spatial relations


Stools could be used in bars, restaurants, and also public places because of their beautiful color. Poufs and side tables are cute, and they all free to move. Even only fungo series products could give you a great room.


 2017_grado_price_list0227_pdf(第_27_页,共_41_页).jpgpu leather.jpg

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