Design inspiration


This is a new modular soft seating concept.Through a series modular in different shape to integrating all the functions.


Design description


This product lines are smooth and elegant.Through the different ways of combination to adapt different request

and space.These different modular has different shape,with backrest or without,straight shape and curving shape,

single armchair or two seat sofa, you can combine them in a lot of different way,maybe in to a S shape,-circle shape or any style

as you want so that to make the space more vivid.This sofa system have a combination of comfort and functionality ,

strong solid wood frame inside and covered with soft upholster can offer thecomfortable feeling for you.


Spatial relations


The whole sofa system with fun and versatile, they can fit into any setting,no matter office or any other public

area, this sofa are very suitable.As discussing space in your office, a stool in a chic cafe or as small islands in

a hotel reception. You decide!


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