Design inspiration


Lord chairs, the inspiration comes from the pad in the sea, the whole shape is very interesting, like the pad opens its mouth. In the legends, mermaid always takes the pad as a chair, so lord chair gives you the feeling of grace and atmospheric.

Design description


Lord chair also comes from lord family. Gather the advantages of the former, we created a higher utilization rate for it, which means you could use this beautiful not only at your work but also in your life. 


Spatial relations


Two types of chairs are available, aluminum legs and wooden legs, aluminum legs are the same as the legs of Ray Max. Lord chair has a wider range of applications, not only can it be used in working environment, but also can it be put in the living environment. The chair is easy to be matched with other furniture and surroundings, the atmosphere around would also be influenced by the elegant look of the chair.
Lord chair is the most widely used chair in the lord family.



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