Design inspiration


Lord chair ,the inspiration comes from the pad in the sea,the whole shape is very interesting,like the pad open its

mouth.In the legends,mermaid always take the pad as a chair,so lord chair give you the feeling of grace and atmospheric.


Design description


Lord lounge chair,with comfortable seating,will let you enjoy the whole afternoon when you sit on it,reading a book and have

a cup of coffee.The seat and back used solid wood covered with soft foaming,the shape of the whole chair match the human engineering,

you will not feel any uncomfortable,even for prolonged periods of sitting. A cross-shaped base in aluminum offer a strong support to the user.


Spatial relations


To adapt different spaces,there are many colors of fabric can be chosen.The simple but elegant color makes Lord lounge looks graceful,

giving users extremely delicate for touching.suitable for a lot of areas,such as conference room,office,and other public space,etc.


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