Design inspiration


Frame chair,this vintage chair inspired by a photo frame,a perfect combination between solid wood and fabric.

On a sunny morning,when you sit in the chair,look at old photographs and reminisce,it seems many old memories are awakened.


Design introduce


The unique shape like a photo frame,vintage sculpt with elegant color can be suitable for many space,such as cafe,library,

balcony and any other private space.It is not only a chair,but also express a lifestyle:slowing down your living tempo.




The basic structure for frame chair is solid wood and steel,that may add the structure stability.

The feeling for sitting is very comfortable as the seat is plywood covered with form.In order to adapt to a variety of space,

you can choose leather or fabric for the seat.The simple structure can be easy to disassemble and mount.


Suitable space


As the vintage shape and pastel color,they are suited to cafe,library,dinning room and some other public environment.

That may show a more elegant feeling for us.


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