Design specification


The Light Coat Stand consists of three sticks, a metal connector and three hooks.


Designer was inspired by the bonfire. Three sticks seem clumsy, however Light is different, it can be gathered up or opened up in a few second. The Light Coat Stand’s flexible function thanks to its unique innovative structure —— connectors, hooks and sticks together make this workThe user can quickly gather it up with just a little bit lift. The more weight of the clothing adding on, more stable the Light becomes.




 Light coat stand meets a variety of needs, whether it is a coat or a handbag, can be placed at the right place. In spaces, Light’s adaptability is also very strong. A variety of color hooks can also be used to hang. Geometric metal parts bring people the beauty of science and technology while the wooden main body and the small hooks also give us a warm feeling. Light is a simple but interesting design, bringing some little surprises to your life.

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