Design inspiration


It’s a little house with a pointy roof. Gray use comfortable minimalism and exaggerated line

in perfect geometric element totally broke the traditional way.

We pursued ardently all the major and minor pleasures of life. So Archi-plates are Created,

adaptable workspaces and meeting rooms.



You can put the little  house in your desk, kitchen or anywhere else, it will always provide you

with a fun and simple way to live.




The surface with electrostatic powder coating available in three colours and sizes.


Flat packaging


We use flat-pack to save the transportation cost for you. You can write your best wishes to

your best friend when Archiplate as a present. 

For a larger view,click on the preview image

  • Size : W 26.4 D 11.5 H 2.0
  • Size : W 20.4 D 9.5 H 1.5
  • Size : W 14.5 D 7.5 H 1.1